Ansible Best Practices explained

Ansible usage is rapidly increasing. It is a very easy to learn provisioning software but yet very powerful. Find out the best practices on managing your Ansible projects!

Uninstall rpm webstatic package from Centos

If you are trying to uninstall a RPM package from your OS, you first need to find out the package name. To find out the package name you would need to run: This command will display a list of packages installed on your OS. Once, you have found the package name in-order to remove it execute this command. example: To remove …

How to approach Google mobile first index

With Google mobile first index going live very soon, many websites lack an optimized mobile friendly website. Find out how you can ensure your website is mobile optimized

Easily fix WordPress POST and REQUEST 404 error on form submission

If you have been trying to submit a form in WordPress and you are receiving a 404 error page, well the chances of the cause being using a reserved keyword can be extremely high. This is because one or many of your field name  is being reserved by WordPress. In the below snippet, name=”calendar”  is a reserved word. Submitting the …

Get user data from textbox in C# windows form application

Getting the user data from a textbox is extremely easy in C#. You can get the data and display it by just using two methods. Video tutorial is at the bottom of the post 🙂 Yes, that’s it! MessageBox is responsible for handling operations related to the Dialog window. I think every C# app will use the Dialog window. The …