Best way to redirect domain to another in Google webmaster and maintain search ranking

If you ever want to change your website domain , the first question that you might ask yourself is “Will I lose any search ranking ? ” It is difficult to answer this, but if you follow all the checks below the chances of losing a huge amount of search ranking will be very low! In-order for Google to be aware of the website’s new address, you would need to first perform the steps below in Google Webmaster tool.



  1. On your site dashbard in webmaster, click the settings button.
  2. Click “Change of Address



3. Now, you would need to select the new website address from the dropdown.




4. Now, you would need to make sure that your 301 redirects are working ! Best way to check that is to use a crawler, the best one is Screaming Frog !

Once, you have checked that all 301 redirects are working properly, submit the request! Don’t forget to check your crawl errors daily !


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