How to redirect an old domain to a new domain in Google webmaster

If you ever want to change your website domain , the first question that you might ask yourself is “Will I lose any search ranking ? ” It is difficult to answer this, but if you follow all the checks below the chances of losing a huge amount of search ranking will be very low! In-order for Google to be aware of the website’s new address, you would need to first perform the steps below in Google Webmaster tool.

Steps in how to update Google of a new domain

  1. On your site Dashboard in webmaster, click the settings button.
  2. Click “Change of Address
    Change of domain in Google Webmaster
  3. Now, you would need to select the new website address from the dropdown (Select new Site)
  4. Click on “Validate & UPDATE”

If the new website is under a new hosting server, keep an on the speed and performance of the website. Google likes a fast loading speed where it can crawl in the shortest time.