Smart Keyword research for your content

Keyword research can be very a time-consuming process, but SEMrush makes it easy. SEMrush does more than just find out keywords, it also provides the keywords your competitors are ranking for in both organic and paid results. As you can imagine, this is extremely helpful if you want to reach the top of Google search results for your important keyword terms.


Enter your business most important keyword, and let SEMrush find you the relevant keywords!


In this post I’ll show you how to use the SEMrush keyword research tool:

1. Create a SEMrush account

2.  Enter your desired keyword in the text box and click on Search


3. View the relevant keywords (over 800 million organic and paid keywords)


4. SEMrush also provides organic search preview of the relevant keywords

organic search results preview



Getting to the top of search results requires a robust SEO strategy. As your website grows daily, maintaining SEO good practice can become tedious. This is why it’s worth investing in a good service that can automate the majority of daily SEO tasks.

As SEO professionals, we like to create Google Sheets that find duplicate headings or meta descriptions – but with tools such as SEMrush this process is automated. SEMrush keeps track of your keyword position, notifies you if a keyword ranking has dropped, and alerts you to faulty pages on your website.

It takes less than a minute to find relevant keywords using SEMrush. Gone are the days when you spend hours creating an Excel sheet of all your keywords.




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